Prince Dr. Damien Dematra Received International Man of Tolerance on World Tolerance Day

Bandung,Metroheadline.net-25 years ago, in remembrance of Mahatma Gandhi’s 125th birthday, United Nations proclaimed the International Day for Tolerance to be celebrated on November 16.

Prince Damien Dematra launched the 2nd declaration of International Culture Day (ICD) to coincide with the Tolerance celebration in two different orphanage in the city of Bandung, West Java. Hundreds of orphans originated from all over Nusantara Archipelago were in attendance and actively supports the declaration.

At the same time, there were virtual launches with declarators from more than 100 countries and kingdoms in the world, including the United States, Cuba, Congo, Uganda, Lesotho, Myanmar, Nepal, Egypt, Germany, Romania, Singapore, Australia, Ireland, India, France, England, Palestine, Israel, Poland, the Philippines, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Bangladesh, Russia, Ghana, Brazil, Argentina, South Africa, Tunisia, Armenia, Macedonia, Iraq, Colombia, Ukraine, Mexico, Guatemala, Botswana, Nigeria, Canada, Namibia, Sudan, Kenya, etc.

Prince Damien Dematra, in his remarks, said that the idea of the birth of the International Culture Day emerged from his search, that until today there is no day internationally devoted to Culture. And considering the importance of Culture in maintaining world stability and Peace, as a Cultural Icon and Peace Warrior, he felt it is necessary for the world to have the International Culture Day. Starting from this idea, Prince Dematra invited thousands of people from all over the world to take part. It turned out that the invitation went viral, and generated so much supports from 5 continents.

The mission taken in this movement is “Culture for Peace.” Prince Damien Dematra, in his opening speech, emphasized that Culture should be a tool for Peace and not only exploited for economic and political interests.

The head of the committee for the launch event, senior actress PrIncess BRAy Erna Santoso, appreciated the support from Nurul Huda Orphanage and Ulul Albab Orphanage and also Children Care Foundation YAPENA. According to her, the performance of various Indonesian dances and cultural attractions performed by the orphans were so touching and inspiring and strengthened the peace and cultural message.

Previously Prince Damien Dematra launched 1st Declaration of International Culture Day (ICD) on October 24, to coincide with the 75th celebration of United Nations (PBB) Day at Kacirebonan Royal Palace, Cirebon, together with Kings and Sultan of Nusantara Kingdoms and community leaders.

During the event, Prince Damien Dematra presented the Visions of Peace Awards to the winners of Art for Peace competitions in Bandung. Moreover, the Orphans were celebrating the Culture for Peace by massively playing the Angklung instruments which were made from Bamboo. November 16 itself has been detemined by UNESCO as Angklung Day.

Prince Dematra, who is also the initiator and founder of Nusantara Peace Day, invites further participation from the international community in the third batch of ICD World Launching, which is planned to be held on December 20 in conjunction with the celebration of International Human Solidarity Day, which was initiated by the United Nations. So far, more than 125 countries and kingdoms have expressed their supports and are ready to participate directly or virtually in these activities.

The International Man of Tolerance 2020 Award was also given to Prince Damien Dematra by the Grand Royal Palace of Singaraja to honor his extraordinary contribution to peace, tolerance and culture.(Mul)


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